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Women's Health


Caring for you and your needs

You and your health are of the upmost importance.  We can help you and guide you through cervical screening to menopause guidance and support.  Your sexual health is also paramount to your overall wellbeing, we can help you with any sexual health queries you may have as well as supporting you through Breast Health and carrying out Breast Health Screenings. 


General Healthcare

  • Cervical smear tests

  • Sexual health screening

  • General health screening and assessments

  • Dietary and weight management

  • Breast health examinations

  • PCOS assessment and management

  • Menopause symptom management

Family Planning & Contraception

  • Unplanned pregnancy counselling

  • Emergency contraception

  • Hormonal contraception

  • Long acting contraception counselling, insertion and removal

  • Fertility investigations

  • Prenatal care and counselling

Antenatal Care

  • Confirmation of pregnancy

  • Calculation of estimated delivery dates

  • Referral to hospital maternity services

  • Maternity benefit application support

  • Influenza (Flu) & Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccinations

  • Bone health and Vitamin D testing

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